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Rabu, 4 Mac 2009

ReFlek$i...N0T sUr3 =(

Class: English Language
Class year 5 Averhoa (last class@lowest level) teach by Puan Zamzuriah. Not using any teach' aid like ICT device, mahjong paper, etc. She used like a traditional skill for this class bcz for lower level student need more exercise and repeat2 speaking for pronoun, vocab and writing skill.
According to the exercise, hv a picture (picnic at a beach) that pupils should write a passage in 1@2 paragraph.So teacher give a idea that theme of the pic is My family and I, and some of pict is collecting seashells, reading a magazine and put the food on the mat. Pupils also give idea what will happen at the beach@ what they can do at the beach (swim, make a castle dan byk lagi lah). Then teacher give a simple word sentences:
  1. My damily and I are at the beach.
  2. My mother is reading a magazine.
  3. Father is building a sandcastle with my brother.
  4. I can see many seashells.
  5. I can see a boat.
  6. The daughter is collecting seashells.
  7. The maid puts the food on the mat.

Teacher ask to pupils to speaking according the word sentences, but some of student can't to speak the pronouns properly.

Grammar section : IS / ARE

Teacher explain to pupils : IS for single thing while ARE for the plural (many/more than one). then ask to pupils to find out which one the sentences for single and plural. Then let pupils to make their own sentence

At the climax time- Teacher ask to pupils make their story according the picture that My family and I (go to picnic). But all student can't do by ownself, so teacher let them rewrite again follow at white board.

Haha..i dont think that my language can OK2 jerk but also tunggang langgang...waaa how can i do??? let me think again that should i go to watch MOVIE or read story book to improve my BROKEN ENGLISH....Huh..

Kwn...jgn la menyalahkan diriku...kuhanya mencuba dan cuba2 mane yang daya wat tulisan ENGLISH wpon bg kalian semua tulisan ku tak ubah seperti bayi yg baru hendak belajar meng-esot2...

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