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Rabu, 4 Mac 2009

Sci3nCE iN mY H34rT =)

Saat Ku yang Mengarut Dlm SeKetiKa
9.20am- I'm going down to sc lab two @ level 3 with pupils 5 AVERHOA (lepas abis BI). Meet teacher kamisah bt jantan as a sc teacher (senior beb).1stly she check attendance and collect exercise book from pupils because they have a 3 books for sc subject (book 1=report/note, book 2=exercise, and book 3=vocabulary).
9.25am- Class start with exercise for vocabulary of sc word with say it the word 1 by 1(lupe nk salin perkataan tue, sowi ek). After teacher give a lot of vocabulary to them (around 1-18 maybe, i'm frgot), teacher repeat again to check either pupils write the word or not. She also give some explaination/define every word (eg. eatable = something can get for eat).
9.40am- Next, teacher kamisah going to give the answer at whiteboard while pupils change the exercise book with each others(beside friend) and check the spelling vocabulary. Teacher ask to pupils to check the answer and spell the word 1by1.
(*conclusion = Teacher try so hard to make pupils follow and hearing clearly for every words that she said for vocabulary of sc word. Pupils follow and check how much their false for the exercise. Only 8 of 22 from student hv a correct answer, balance of pupils 14 make all false for spelling the word. huuu)
  • Teacher ask :What animal that pupils know? Then, everyone give a lot of names animal like COW, CAT, TIGER, LION etc.
  • What animal eat animal? Pupils give the answer is tiger and lion. Next, What animal eat grass? Pupils: Cow, goat.
  • Then, teacher give the define of carnivore that animal eat meat like tiger as pupils said.
  • Teacher write the define of carnivore at whiteboard and ask pupils to spell CARNIVORE with louder.
  • Next, teacher go to define type of animal that herbivore and omnivore. (What is herbivore? What is omnivore? then ask to pupils to remember define the word (ulang 40X baru ler leh ingat)
9.55am- Teacher give some example (chicken).What it's eat? Chicken eat worm and eat rice. So that animal eat plant and animal. Teacher let them pupils to think what about chicken have to eat and type of animal.
(Constructivism- teacher ask what is animal that eat plants and other animals???)
Teacher give the define 1st, the repeat all the define of carnivore & herbivore. Then ask to students to GUESS and THINK what the name of next group (ape lah aku tulis nih).
10.08am- Teacher ask to every group at class (group 1,2,3 & 4) to repeat the define of carnivore, herbivore and omnivore. Teacher ask students to show which type of animal according to group.Some student didn't know to read , spell for english language. Teacher go to every students and get a student which not understand r cannot read or write. Its very difficult to make pupils understanding words of sc in english (huuu tatau laaa). So, teacher let them know and make group of pupils that KNOW & DUNNO (not mix it int 1 group). Activity in 3minutes: pupils try to remember define of carnivore, herbivre and omnivore (kena ulang bape kali lah agaknyer).
*Teacher not use picture,video or ICT device to show the example. Teacher use the exercise as a motivate/force to pupils before let them go to break/rest after finish the exercise. Pupils try to settle the exercise before go to canteen ASAP and their hv 15minutes hUHuu =)
10.40am- Teacher going to discuss what the answer of exercise. Started by GROUp to---meaning). Then teacher ask to pupils to give the answer and example of animal each group. Pupils can give the answer (hebat gak). Some student can't cooperate. Then teacher give the hint. What animal eat worm and rice??? So, pupils remember and answer the Q.
*Kesimpulannya saya akan cuba menterjemahkan kepada bahasa ibunda supaya lebih senang untuk saya faham sendiri HuHuHuHuU.......

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